Opportunities With Our Magazine

Want to work for our luxury lifestyle magazine? Read on…


Our lifestyle magazine showcases everything there is to see in luxury living. We feature the finest dining, the most luxurious properties, the fastest cars, the most expensive private jets, haute couture, high class beauty, top end male beauty and all the top entertainment.

We love the finer things in life and are unabashed in our celebration of luxury and pleasure.

We receive thousands of visitors to our website, on a monthly basis.

For an up and coming writer, having a profile on our site is a great way of being noticed and moving on in your career.

We are therefore looking for writers and bloggers to contribute to our publication.

The openings we have are for bloggers, as well as journalists. The positions range from one off gigs to positions on our editorial team.

The position you are looking for could be right here, with one of the country’s most respected names in luxury living.

We are willing to be flexible, for the right person. All we ask is that you share our passion for luxury and designer living.

Can you write with authority on Michelin star dining, or haute couture? Do you know the difference between claret and Beaujolais?

We need writers who really know their stuff and can hold their own among the bonne-viveurs and the jet set.

Knowledge and finesse are important, as is an eye for the unusual and newsworthy.

We are looking for someone who can write with style and wit, around the topics of modern manners and other aspects of high end living.

We are far more than just a catalog of beautiful places and things. We aren’t just here to showcase luxury. Our readers demand more.

They want an insight into the lives of the rich and famous, but in an intelligent and informative manner. We are not a celeb magazine, but we do feature the lives and lifestyles of the rich and prestigious.

You also need to be able to turn your hand to most topics. One minute you could be attending a fashion show and the next you might be writing about the latest sports car launch. A broad base of interests is an advantage for this role.

It goes without saying that you will have first rate English language skills and know your way around various software packages.

You will be an excellent communicator and able to write to tight deadlines.

Whatever role you are applying for, you will be given the chance to build a portfolio on our website, in addition to the other opportunities you will get.

Interested? Contact Charley Green for more information and an informal chat.