Capitol City Flyers is organized as a not-for-profit corporation. Member pilots own equity shares of the corporation. Currently shares are limited to 30 pilots. Each member pilot pays monthly dues towards corporate fixed expenses and hourly usage fees for aircraft time used. Monthly dues range from $120 to $170 per month depending on hours flown (you earn a $50 flying credit if you fly at least once per month).

Prospective shareholders must be certificated private pilots or advanced primary students (more than 25 hours in the last 6 months). Additional insurance, currency and financial requirements must be met. There are also security requirements to operate out of Dane County Regional Airport. New pilots to MSN must take a security seminar and obtain an access badge.

Since the membership is limited, a prospective member must purchase a share of the corporation from an existing owner that desires to sell his/her share or directly from the corporation, when there are less than 30 current members. Shares trade at prices agreed between the seller and buyer. The corporation enjoys a strong asset position due to its long and stable history.

Contact us if you are interested in sharing the pride, benefits and expense of aircraft ownership with 30 like-minded pilot owners.

Aviation Community

CCF members fly together and play together. Our club organizes joint fly-outs several times each year. We also meet for non-flying events; annual dinner, plane wash/wax days, hangar flying breakfasts and lunches, group site visits, seminars and presentations.

CCF also has a great working relationship with the local flight school and we regularly partner with them to encourage new students and promote general aviation.

Membership Application

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Memberships For Sale

Email [email protected] or call (608) 698-6266 to inquire about membership availability.